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FanonHub Wiki is a place where you can write about any sort of fanon you want. All sorts of fanon are encouraged! PLEASE READ THE  GUIDELINES

What is 'fanon'?Edit

Fanon is an unnoficial expansion of a certain franchise. Fanon can be written about anything. For example, say there was a TV show where the characters can turn into super powerful beings with lots of hair and tails. You could write about how they can turn into giant kitten gods, or anything else you could imagine!

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  • new page Ga-Tu
    created by Invadervax
    New page:  "Well, I am the Spirit of Neutrality, so that means I'm neutral, right?" -Ga-Tu to Eye-Eye Ga-Tu is the Spirit of Neutrality, and the Spirit OC and...
  • discussion page Biscuits
    comment by Invadercowlord


    Hey Vax, I know you've been writing fanon about, uh, nothing... so why don't you try riting Fanon about a series or franchise that ... 

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  • new page MGHTCFATTD
    created by Invadervax
    New page: MGHTCFATTD (Hagical Giant Hotdog That Can Fly And Travel Through Dimensions) is, as the name suggests, a magical giant hotdog that can fly and travel...
  • new page Ultimate Avatar State
    created by Invadercowlord
    New page: The Ultimate Avatar State is similar to The Avatar State, but there are some key differences. Key differencesEdit The ultimate avatar state is more...
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  • new page Mr. Jiggle
    created by Invadervax
    New page: Mr. Jiggle is a humanoid being with a magical giant hotdog that can fly and travel through dimensions who travels the Omniverse going on adventures...
    Summary: Will add more later.

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