"Well, I am the Spirit of Neutrality, so that means I'm neutral, right?" -Ga-Tu to Eye-Eye

Ga-Tu is the Spirit of Neutrality, and the Spirit OC and main character of User:Invadervax. He lives in a giant apple in the Spirit World, which he uses to watch over the neutral organisms of the Spirit World and the Earth. He is a very old spirit who is old enough to remember Koh's creation.


Ga-Tu, being the Spirit of Neutrality, is pure neutral, and will be kind things that are not against him, and cruel to things that are against him. He has an interest in omniverous animals, and does anything he can to make them happy. He can't resist.


Ga-Tu resembles a dragon with red wings, blue limbs, a red stomack, a blue neck, a red head, green eyes, and a blue unicorn-like horn.